Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feeders Installed

Both of the covered platform feeders are now in place. I have to say, I like them both! I was worried about the large feeder being too heavy for the skimpy pole, but it is designed to be used on one. It comes with a compression mount, where you slip it on a one inch pole, and turn it tight. Very nice! Most feeders do not come with a mount. My only knock on this one is, it does not have a removable screen. Still, I would recommend them both. One thing about the ground feeder, it seems to attract more of the undesirable birds. Although I do like some, see the pic of HOSP in fog. I get tons of pics of cow birds and starlings, which I do not. On the other hand, I wouldn't see some birds without them.

I had a computer melt down, but I was able to pull my pics from it. I had a couple of the brown thrush, and I haven't seen it since, and I believe it moved on. I also had this chipping sparrow, pictured in the lower right. There are a pair of them in this pic.

It would be nice to see some hummingbirds this year, it is a pain to clean and fill their feeders. They should be seen here in April, according to this map.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Platform Feeders

I saw that the ground feeder was getting a lot of action, so I moved the Birdcam to point at it. One problem with the ground feeder, see it here. Not sure what to do about that.

I moved the platform feeder, from under the tree, to a pole mount. You can see it in the pic. The pic is from my Weathercam. Click on preset 5 to view the feeder. You can also see a hummingbird feeder in this pic. I was not going to put them up this year, since I saw zero hummingbird activity last year, but I decided to put up ONE feeder.

It was raining all day, so I amused myself by watching the web cam, log in- nhpa, pass- birder. The goldfinch, HOFI and HOSP were entertaining. I also saw both the male and female cardinals. Up until recently, I had never seen them together, but now I see this pretty regularly. I uploaded another video of them to utube. The audio is OK on this one, not that there is anything to hear!

Since it was raining all day, I got to thinking about the seed getting wet. The hanging feeder had a dome covering it. Neither of them are covered, now. So I decided to replace the feeders with covered ones. I found this one. Hope my skimpy pole can hold it! Also, I thought this ground feeder looked nice. Won't do anything for groundhogs, though.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Visitor

Last Sunday as you can see in the pic, we had a hailstorm. Pity the poor birds that cannot get out of the weather! I have fruit suet in the feeder pictured, hoping to attract robins. So far they haven't gone for it. I guess they have plenty of other food, now. They are around, I saw a number of them in the last week or so.

Here is a video of the female card. I uploaded it to utube, because I think the quality is better. Maybe it's me. A pic of her, for the bandwidth challenged. The gold is coming out in the goldfinch. I remember the first time I saw a pair of them. I did not know what they were, but their color sure made them stand out!

So I saw this new visitor in the yard. It hopped over to the squirrel bungee, and ate a piece of corn laying on the grass. It is larger than a wren, and it looks like a brown thrasher, but I really do not know what it is. Please leave a comment, if you know what it is.

My favorite bird forum is Garden Web. This moring I was getting the message, "Services for this domain have been discontinued". Whew! It is back now, had me worried!