Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wrapping It Up

When I first put up a bird feeder, I was pleased with the variety and number of birds that showed up. I started taking pictures, and couldn't wait to put them online. Looking back, it's hard to pick out the best. The grosbeak only showed up once, so that stands out. I always liked the cardinals because they look exotic. I had a difficult time getting my first pics of them, they would see me and fly off before I could get a shot. I guess a favorites would be this one, because of what it suggests. The juncos stand out because they were difficult to capture as well. I had a number of small, blurry pics before I finally got a good one. I was so taken with the downies, that they had their own cam for awhile. For some reason, they do not eat the suet this season. I still see them on the corn cob, and occasionally at the seed feeders.

I enjoy watching the birds in my yard. I find it relaxing, and they are amusing. The problem is, I got tired of looking through hundreds of pictures a day, to find one or two unique pictures a week. I will keep the birdcam online, and if you capture an interesting shot, feel free to email it to me. Subscribe to the RSS on the pics page, I will post any new pics there. Here is the birdcam, settings- user: nhpa pass: birder
Also, if you have a favorite picture, please leave a comment. Don't forget the original blog, find it here, the first post goes back to October of 2007.

A couple of favs, here and here, and a couple of vids here and here. And one closing thought, do not forget Earth Hour!