Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feeder Cam

At 8:30 PM last night, I shut down the power and went for a walk. I only saw a couple of dark houses, and I suspected, no one was at those places. There was a lot of traffic, main street seemed like rush hour! Clearly, few people in this piece of the world participated.

I was planning to move the web cam, but I noticed that the goldfinch are very active at the present spot. They are aggressive, too. I saw a HOSP attempt to land, and the goldfinch chased it off. If you wish to check it out, go here, and login with nhpa, with the pass, birder. nhpa1, and nhpa2 also work, using the same pass.

Some goldfinch from the birdcam, you can see their summer color filling in. A pic, and a vid.

The birdcam caught a video of a dark eyed junco. They are winter birds, so I doubt that I will be seeing them much longer. Here are videos of a chickadee, and a carolina wren. As I noted before, the female cardinal is popping up a lot lately. Her pic and a vid. And finally, something that I never caught before, the male and female, togther. Video only, sorry.

edit- I uploaded the cardinal vid to utube. Does it look better? Sorry about the soundtrack, that noise is distracting.

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