Sunday, August 2, 2009


I re-pointed both the Birdcam, and web cam at the new feeder. Since it is in shadow most of the time, and with the overhang on the feeder, it makes for poor photography. I lightend (is that a word?) the web cam for viewing, and it is mostly OK. The feeder is getting more visitors than the caged feeder, but still not as much as I had hoped. Maybe it will take them awhile. Skip sent me a pic of the female cardinal from the web cam, and here is one from the Birdcam. Here are a chickadee and a goldfinch from the Birdcam. As you can see, the Birdcam doesn't work well at this feeder. So I moved this camera to the new birdbath. After a couple of days I realized something- the birds are not using the new birdbath! I can think of a few of reasons:
One- The grackles left.
Two- The water level may be too deep.
Three- We have been getting a lot of rain lately.
I started to put only one gallon in the bath, so we will see if that helps. A did see a visitor at the birdbath. This is from the other Birdcam, you can see the birdbath in the background. Also, I don't think this attempt was very successful.

And finally, I never get tired of looking at the male and female cardinals!

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