Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bird Cam

This week I wanted to allow all access to the webcam, without needing a user name or pass. The webcam locked up, and I could not reset it. After spending lots of time on it, I finally got it back to where I started. It is very finicky, and I will NOT attempt this again. But it is working, see it here, login with nhpa and the pass is birder.

I always wait too long to update this, so I end up with too many pics, and I have to whiddle them down to a manageable amount. I did sort of want to get a video before I posted, and when I finally got it, it was of course disappointing! Anyway, I wanted to get a vid of the squirrel using the bungee. I did see it eating the corn under the bungee, but not trying to get any from the bungee. Now, you may wonder why there was corn on the ground, and here is why! While waiting for the vid, I saw a new visitor. I thought it was a grey catbird, but it didn't quite look right. Then I saw this video, and when I glimpsed the red rump, I knew that is what it is. Here is a pic for the slow connects. So here is the vid of the squirrel getting corn from the bungee. Disappointing, no? Well, now that it knows how to get more, I will raise it up and hope to catch a real bungee jumping squirrel!

While the grackles were hogging the feeders, the HOSP disappeared. I never thought that I would miss them, but I prefer them to grackles! I stopped filling the fly through feeder, and the number of grackles dropped off. Just as quickly as the HOSP left, they have returned. I bought a new feeder, one that the grackles could not get into. I have it up for a couple of weeks now, and I have seen zero activity. Oh well, when the goldfinch find it, I am sure it will be busy. Speaking of zero activity, I still have never seen any hummingbirds. It isn't as bad this year, since I am only cleaning and filling one feeder, compared to four last year.

I have a million pics of the cardinals, both together and separately. Here are my favs since the last post. Here is the pair. Three of the male, the first he looks like a parrot. The second and third. Two of the female, first and the second she almost looks like a different bird?

I am probably forgetting some, but it can wait for the next post, hopefully in two weeks... or less!

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